Would you like to win free Facebook Credits?

so you can use it to pay for games, apps, virtual goods, cards and almost everything in facebook.

It's just in easy three steps to get your Credits
  1. Registration :

    sign up for an account in our site, we need to identify you by an account in order for us to deliver the credits for you, we are not related to the official facebook credits store by any way, we're just helping others -like you- by giving them all the aspects to gain the credits for free.
    you will receive extra bonus points when you signup
  2. Gather Some Points :

    After registration in our site, you will have to collect some points, you can collect points by many ways through the points center page, the points is the thing you will need to exchange with a prize you choose on your own.
  3. Redeem your credits:

    When you collect enough points to redeem the prize you choose from our prize list below, go to the redeem prizes form and select your preferred prize then you will get it in 3 days or less.

Credits to Points

  • $25 Facebook Credits = 15 points
  • $50 Facebook Credits = 20 points
  • $75 Facebook Credits = 30 points
  • $150 Facebook Credits = 50 points
  • $250 Facebook Credits = 75 points
  • $500 Facebook Credits = 100 points

you will need to collect about 10 points in additions to the 5 sign up bonus points to redeem a prize.

About Credits we provide

Facebook credits appeared as the virtual currency for the facebook world, almost everything related to finance on facebook goes through the facebook credits system like facebook ads , games like farmville, cityville, SIMS Social, ravenskye and others, greetings cards, apps and many other, we give away facebook credits in packages as indicated above and we are not affiliated in anyway with facebook. we don't/wont charge you for the facebook credits. and our system is completely free